A birthday surprise

The more you expose your flaws the more you’ll grow to accept them. Many feel their aging body may not appeal to others. I myself am a lady over 45 and have found being a nudist to be a truly liberating experience. I am very comfortable in my skin and I know i’ll go down kicking and screaming with vibrator in hand.

At what point do you think you’ll stop searching out the pleasure of a ladies company ? Will the touch and intimacy be enough to keep you around ?Will you leave if the main event is a thing of the past.Would a whole lot of tongue be enough to do you in ?

I have  a gentlemen who was celebrating his 80th birthday and he wanted to do something he had never done before. It was up to me to choose the act. He comes into town every few months and always calls me. It was his birthday and a very special one at that.

What to do with a man who has seen every square inch of your body inside out. For those who have gotten to know me I think my fun side is pretty evident.

My friend is bald and I have always been attracted to bald headed men. They are the sexiest men on earth as far as I am concerned.

He wanted me to surprise him with something special for his birthday that he would never forget because our time was running out. He is turning 80. Mind you he can run with the best of you so don’t think this man does’t play. He just uses the skills he is best suited for at this time.

Anyway back to my story and my weekend date. I have always joked that instead of using my pocket rocket i’m going to lube his bald head up and rub my pussy all over it.

When he arrived we made out like crazy but we are now unable to do much else. I lubed his head with astro glide and masterbated till my cum was all over his beautiful bald head. He thought that was the most erotic moment in our 22 year history. Do you think he enjoyed his birthday surprise ?

We have a lot more conversations these days than sex and holding hands with laughter and good conversation are very much a part of every time we meet. A lot of kissing and cuddling round out for the most part our perfect session. Now i’m not going to tell you where our lips travel but let me tell you this…”there’s no such thing as too much tongue”  LOL

I’m wondering how many of you will be around to a share a moment like that with your special lady.

Kisses Haley

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