A eulogy for Baby’s fur coat…farewell till next year

Baby woke up this morning a little hot and sweaty. I stroked her and let her know how pretty she looked in her beautiful winter coat of soft blonde fur. I touched and stroked her while she laid back and enjoyed all the attention. Once our playtime was over it was time to give Baby the sad news.
It’s time to lose that winter coat and let that soft pale pink skin once again see light.
Let’s start at the beginning. If you don’t know by now, I am a nudist. A nudist with white spots in all the right places to be exact. I love the look of tan lines but enjoy swimming and sunning naked more. Hence, plenty of waterproof sunscreen in all of Baby’s beautiful fur coat. Yes, it’s summer again and one visit to the nudist resort reminded me all to well why no hair. The weekend is coming up again and I plan to enjoy my pleasure time with Baby playing in the pool and floating on an air mattress soaking up all that Florida has to offer.
10AM called to make an appointment for Baby’s wax after I washed her nice and clean with no tears baby shampoo. May I say she cried all the way to the spa begging and pleading not to lose her fur coat she’s grown so fond of. By 2:30 PM Baby is bald and we are walking out the door ; dress blowing in the wind and Baby’s pink skin once again feeling all the breeze in her direction. Tonight she’ll get some extra special attention from me for being such a sport.
To all those who had a chance to put their fingers through Baby’s hair I want to thank you. Remember, starting in November a new coat will be on order and on it’s way for you to enjoy. For those that missed Baby’s fur coat and feel left out another day will cum and another chance to enjoy.
Please remember that Baby is heartfelt at losing her hair and being bald once more. Do make her feel wanted and beautiful just the way she is. Who could deny those pretty pink lips and beautiful smile.
Kisses Haley

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