are you a girl watcher

and what catches your eye first.

Do you find yourself getting lost in any one aspect of a ladies anatomy ?

This question is for the ladies too as we are the biggest girl watchers of all. Thats right guys we ladies love to look at other women…I always strut my stuff in the highest of heels everywhere I go and love to wear nice dresses or a suit.

When I see a women who is playful my eyes will scan her for all it’s worth. Yes, my thoughts will do that 30 second sensual race and sometimes much longer. Will you sit from afar and enjoy the scene as it plays out ? Watch her walk away after she has passed you ? Do you smile to yourself or is this an outward expression for anyone watching you.

I always feel sexy when I dress and that is so important to me. Most women wear what  makes them feel good about themselves but most of all they want to look good for you.

Kisses Haley

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