Baby’s sumptuous spread

Sorry I’m late for such an important tail but I have been savoring every last morsel and tid-bit of my Valentines details while entertaining Baby’s and my alone time. For all those curious by-standers along with our friendly dinner guests please read on.

Every year the week of Valentines has become a traditional celebration for both Baby and I. Although I have begged “please no more chocolates”, it has fallen on deaf ears. Oh yes, another year of self gratification with Baby taking my strokes like a trooper and my tummy full of my drug of choice; chocolates.

This year it was Baby’s turn to plan our yearly Valentines entertainment. Of course, Chocolate is one of the main focal points along with the sweetest juices Baby can provide. What to choose with this sumptuous spread did cause a little tension between Baby and I.

Off to the grocery store to find our specialty items. Both Baby and I are dripping with excitement. Her for all the mouth watering attention she knows will cum her way and me for the sweetest pleasure my mouth can handle.

Into the cart goes some sweet and sticky dark Hershey’s syrup.

Next it’s off to the dairy section for the Redi-Whip that Baby loves to have squirted between her beautiful pink lips.

Now for the topping which did cause some tension between Baby and I. Finally, reaching for a jar of cherries Baby started taking a fit. Well what do you expect from an over 45 pussy who is absolutely insulted by the thought of putting a cherry between her beautiful lips. Yup, here we go again with her doing those damn Kegel exercises in the middle of a busy grocery store isle. Staying in shape seems to be her top priority these days. Thank heavens only I knew she was taking this orgasmic pussy fit. Well I opted for fresh strawberries in the end which made Baby happy at last.

Now for the making of this sumptuous spread for us to enjoy. Slicing the sweet succulent strawberries and placing some in my favorite one of a kind antique cordial glass. Then drizzling the dark chocolate Hershey’s syrup right in the center of the strawberries ready for dipping and licking. The Redi-Whip stands on it’s own since nothing could make the packaging anymore appetizing than the nozzle at the top.

Fashioning the feast for your senses was so much fun for me but Baby just loved the special attention more. Which did you enjoy more yourself, putting the strawberries between Baby’s beautiful pink lips or using yours to slowly wiggle them out and savor her juices ? Was the Redi-whip to your liking as you stuck your tongue deep inside to draw out all those wonderful flavors.

Another playful Valentines to remember and an invitation to join in the festivities next year. Remember our special celebration last the whole Valentines week so don’t forget to mark your calendar.

Hint : Since I did receive more chocolates than I could eat this year, next year you’ll need to help eat them. Those who bring them next year will have to share them with Baby; from her lips to yours. Be sure to bring your appetite for something sweet.

Thanks again for making this Valentines a memorable occasion for both Baby and I

Kisses Haley

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