Anticipation for your cumming this year

Let’s pop your cork and let the bubbly fly. My, what a devilishly delicious 2016 we have in our future. I would like to raise my glass and toast all those special friends who I have enjoyed this year. I’m so grateful for you giving me the opportunity to savor many special moments with you.

Let’s take a sip to the man who loves to linger and nurse his cock..tail

I hope to lose no old friends but gain many new ones through the year

While Baby and I might have missed the chance to celebrate with you through the holiday, I look forward to creating our next special rendezvous. Baby’s pretty pink lips are parsed in anticipation for the touch of your fingertips and the afterglow of your moist lips.

With the New Year upon us more holidays will come that we may savor together. Valentines is right around the corner and of course Baby will be the centerpiece. The menu is sure to include chocolate and the activities inspirational with festivities that will truly be edible. Are you licking your lips ?

If it is up to Baby, your fortune says the upcoming year will encompass a lot of good eating.

Happy New Year from Haley and Baby