A little Sex-ploration

I’m always being the tour guide and asking about stops along the way…. are your nipples sensitive, do you like your balls licked and played with, can you cum more than once, how do you handle a condom … Doesn’t sound like real sexy conversation, but it’s what your doing when you open your mouth that makes it teasing and sensual.

I have met gentlemen who love their nipples nibbled on during foreplay. From licking to suckling to nipping to down right biting it is an exploration of tingling erotic sensations for those men in the know. How many men have sensitive nipples and have found this very exciting. Letting a lady know ahead of time you have very sensitive nipples that love to be stimulated will get you the right attention. If you have never thought about it perhaps you might just be missing a very exciting erogenous zone. Also I met a few gentlemen who wanted me to use a light to moderate teething on their cock.That’s right, using my teeth without actually puncturing the head of their cock. That was something I would have never thought would be a turn on but it is for some.

Gentlemen who have very sensitive nipples will teeter on the edge of cumming while I playfully put them into submission. I can carry on for hours and hold their orgasm at bay till I’m ready for them to cum. Yep, it could be considered to some extent a tantra or light S&M move of taking control. It’s almost like turning the light switch on with a dimmer and if it’s available for play i’ll be the first to find it. I also playfully mention I’m holding on to the reins while having a wild ride. I hope you can visualize this position with my tongue and teeth nibbling.

Are you thinking poor Baby is getting left out of this conversation ? Many times I have rubbed Baby all over some poor man’s nipples till she could stand it no more and left her slippery wet juices all over his chest. Then again, I love sitting smack dab on someone’s face and holding on to nipples to keep me balanced and in control.

Now that I have brought the subject up would you be interested in nipple play ? If so would you want brief attention to see how it feels since you are experimenting ? Are you a man who loves your nipples played with and knows exactly what you need and want.

For those who are wondering about my nipples for future playtime. My nipples are pink, extremely sensitive yet very small. You would never see my nipples hard and erect but they do get more pronounced. I’m not a teeth lover or nibbler but more licking and tonguing with some light sucking.

Perhaps there’s some nipple play in our future

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