What’s your favorite 4th of July dish ? Food seems to be connected to some of our most favorite events and the summer holidays are no different.

My favorite treat for the summer is a tasty all beef Frank Weather short or foot long,skinny or fat, I always bring it to a gentle simmer not overheat and cook it to fast. Let’s face it the longer and slower you cook your dog and keep all those juices in the dog the more mouth watering it is.

By the way, did I mention the whole month of July is “National hotdog month” so there’s plenty of time to celebrate with me.

Condiments are always important to impart your own signature taste. What condiments do you like ? After all a food fight and a little tongue action at the same time could be fun. So is it mustard and relish or Whipped cream and a cherry ? Slathering anything on a dog can be very erotic while the taste brings a little zing too my pallet.

Now it’s time for my mouth to open wide and feel those nice warm tasty juices to explode in my mouth.

Kisses from Your mature kissable leggy Orlando Florida Escort


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