Do you love a little nasty conversation during the heat of passion ?

but have you ever thought how enticing it would be across the dinner table. What a way to stimulate your appetite !

I can remember a time when I told a very good friend how horny I was while he was sipping his cocktail. When the salad came I mentioned I hadn’t touched my pussy in two days just for him. As he munched on his salad I mentioned I just had “Baby” waxed and she felt so smooth as I bathed her before our date. “Baby” is my pet name for my pussy and I mentioned how she has developed very bad table manners and may just squirt her juices all over his lips while we were kissing. As he cut his steak and the juice ran out I smiled and asked is that the way you like it. I mentioned how wet my pussy was getting  just watching him enjoy his feast and hoped I would be devoured with such pleasure soon. I ordered dessert and asked for extra whipped creme. When it came I had him feed it to me as I described how I was going to suck his cock and lick every last drop out of him. Once in the car we kissed and I put his fingers in my pussy that was soaked by now and then I licked them and said this will be the finishing touch to a perfect meal.

Would I be your appetizer, the main part of your meal or a sweet treat to finish your perfect dinner date ?

Kisses Haley

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