Enjoy the journey and forget about the destination

enjoy the scenery on the way.

If anxiety is an issue slow down and cuddle..Kissing is a good way to lose yourself in the moment and who cares how you climax just as long as you enjoy yourself..

Much pressure is put on the male performance… all the energy you gentlemen put forth to pleasure me. I do appreciate your attention but just lay back and enjoy yourself once in awhile without feeling guilty.

Many gentlemen do have erection problems from high bloodpressure, Diabetes and medications they take. If this is a new problem do go get a check up..

If you are not active often that can be a problem too. Have you ever heard the old saying “use it or lose it”. Well, in this case it is true. I see many older gentlemen in the winter season and they go north for the summer. I always tell them to self pleasure yourself to keep things moving. I keep myself  pleasured each and every day.

Kisses Haley

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