Fun in the park after Dark

I love to  go out to dinner with a gentleman dressed in my favorite little dress and heels..Tease a little and kiss a lot..

On the way out of the restaurant holding hands say “what a wonderful night for a walk”. I then suggest a park which I have already checked out.

Walking hand in hand through the park I  find kissing to be such a big hot tease while sitting  on a bench..Put his hand to my pussy and “oh my god” no panties. Yes kissing turns me on so my pussy is already very wet..

As we fondle and play I undo his pants and next thing you know i’m on my knees with cock in mouth. He’s playing lookout and oh how exciting for him but me I already know the trees and bushes are blocking the view.

Depending on how good his knees are now it’s his turn and i’m ready..Now i’m primed and ready to go..

I pull a condom out from my purse and slowly put it on while he fondles my breast from beneath my dress..I first sit on him with my knees on the bench and slowly put him in all the while hot hot kissing. We go slow and deep and I can rub my pussy up against him to massage my clit..Don’t cum yet there’s more…

I now get up and turn around for some Cowgirl but in a very unusual position..I sit backward on his hard cock and it slides right into my pussy again. Now this is my time and my legs are ready for this action..As I move up and down and whirl his cock aroud he explodes like never before.. and me I have cum oh so many times already

Fun at the park after dark is something everyone needs to try just once

Kisses Haley

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