I believe in dressing for the occasion

We where on our way to becoming good friends. This was our third date and he allowed me to choose our evening of entertainment.

He left it all up to me since he knew nothing more of  Orlando than a hotel room …He had no idea what was in store for him

I picked him up at his hotel with some real sweet kisses and mentioned a very special surprise to him.. I did tell him to dress down for this date and be comfortable. By the way he dressed I could tell relaxation was something this man really needed. As we kissed I took his tie off with a wink and said “loosen up a little sweetie”.

Off to the nudist camp for dinner, drinks and some hot-tub fun

We arrived and parked the car! I came prepared with towels and flip flops for him and a sexy pair of heels and a little see-through number to really get his attention.

We played right out in public kissing and taking each others clothes off then helping each other put just a little something on.

Off to dinner sitting across from one another pretty much naked but not quite, we chatted and enjoyed playing with each other under the table.
Never knew how much fun a little foot rub could be.

Once our tummies where full we went to the pool and hottub area. It’s a Friday night so more like a date night than family night. We played and kissed naked in the pool like a couple of kids. Slowly rubbing and teasing one another in the water.

Time to go dancing as we hear the music….I put my sexy sheer outfit back on and we head to the direction of the music to play some more.

Couples of all shapes and sizes in a sexy array of dress are ready for us to join. Some are naked except for shoes and my friend was enjoying himself but felt a little uncomfortable at first. Didn’t last long, the music slowed and we where skin to skin on the dance floor for the next few hours.

Getting late I brought him to my favorite shower area….very dark and away from everyone….The water felt wonderful and we soaped each other up and lathered till we couldn’t stand it any more. I had at least 2 orgasms during this 20 minutes of ecstacy and my friend was holding out on me.

I slowly moved in for the kill…As my lips touched his cock the water was gently running down us in never ending streams. The trees where blowing in the wind and the voices could be heard from a distance. His climax was the best ever for me as I joined in at the same time.

Whenever he comes to town we chat and talk about our first date and how we met but most of all how much fun we had at the nudist resort. It’s hard to top a surprise like that.

Kisses Haley

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