I love a man with a little imagination

I went to see an older gentlemen for a first time visit. He was in his 70’s, very sweet and more than a gentlemen. We talked a little and then he asked how I liked my pussy licked and for how long.

Well that was an easy answer for me “there’s no such  thing as too much tongue”

Wonderful he said because I plan to fulfill your wildest fantasy. He pointed me to the bedroom and he said to go get comfortable and be ready to get pleased.

I propped my butt on a pillow with my pussy ready for whatever he could give me…Just as a joke.

Let me tell you this man went for my pussy like he had been starved and hadn’t been fed in years. I was cumming all over the place and couldn’t understand how this much older gentlemen could move me the way he was. Not one tooth had nicked me in over an hour and he said he would like to go for another hour if I could stand it. Not a question you ask this lady so let’s proceed.

This gentlemen chomped on my pussy in every direction for two hours without making a pit stop. Our time was just about up and I thought maybe he might just want some attention. I asked when it was his turn.

He looked at me with a big smile but there where no teeth. He said” was that the first time someone ate your pussy with no teeth. I always take them out just before doing oral on a lady.”


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