In the pink

I met a gentleman in his 60’s a few months ago who had never been naked with a woman in daylight; never mind with personal parts selectively lit up. Perhaps Baby’s lack of discretion totally overwhelmed him but her lip service made him feel right at home.

After we cuddled and chatted we found our passion for gardening to be a common bond. He described Baby as the most beautiful, sweet smelling, delicate flower he had laid his eyes on. I answered, “she’s the only pink flower you’ll find in my garden of lust”. With a smile he said,”that’s the first time I looked at a woman’s private parts up close and personal”. That shocked me!

Now I’m wondering how many men are star struck the first time they find a not so lady-like woman who will show her feminine wares. Do you remember the first lady who spread their legs for you so you could take a real good look ? Is it etched in your memory ? I guess for some ladies that might seem a little strange but not me. I love to spread my legs and play show and tell.

Have you ever wanted to get a better view but found your inquisitiveness a little awkward. Would opening those beautiful lips with your fingers to a birds eye view be captivating ?

Well, you know it’s time for a little pussy tail …. LOL

In one of my playful moods I thought I would do something a little out of the ordinary for my new friend. Remembering our conversation I readied my travel bag for some real fun. Once at his house we kissed and I asked him to relax in the kitchen while I changed into something comfortable. I stripped down, grabbed the yoga mat I placed in my bag along with a number of vibrators and a mini flashlight.

Now in the kitchen, he loved my naked surprise but looked with the biggest grin as I put the yoga mat on his kitchen table and turned his chandelier on. Pulling the chair out for him to sit I hopped up and spread my legs. Laughing, I asked if he liked the view. There was no time to answer as his and Baby’s lips touched. Somewhere in time he played with the vibrators and watched as I did the same.

For over an hour with legs spread Baby got some of the most eye ogling attention she has ever had. Between his fingers, toys and tongue the visuals were something he had never thought he would ever see other than in a porn movie. For an extra bonus I handed him the flashlight …. He laughed his ass off and lost his composure at the same time.

Do you think laughter has a place in sensuality ?

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While Florida heats up this summer get ready for some real hot steamy playtime coming from my blog.

Kisses Haley

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