Indigestion got you down ?

Do you find yourself eating on the run and being very disatisfied with the service ?  Maybe your chewing your treat just a little to quickly.

If you said “no” i’m with you and love to savour each and every mouthwatering minute we spend together. If you said “yes” you might be missing so much of the flavor offered to you that adds spice and excitement to your time.

It’s hard to enjoy yourself when you are being rushed. 90 minutes is comfortable but 2 hours gives you time to enjoy each and every part of your company.

I hate to rush but i’m a big fan of getting into the thick of things right away. I could kiss and make out for hours and many gentlemen feel the same.It’s a great way to get comfortable at the same time.

You’ll never find me rushing if your getting involved with the fun. I love a man who knows how to make a lady feel wanted and valued. I greet with a kiss that never stops giving till we say good-bye.
Kisses Haley

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