Instant Gratification Please

Do your bed covers stroke a hard cock as you roll over in the morning ? Are your eyes filled with so many sexual teasers throughout the day and into your dreams that your ready to pop ?

This past week I had a chance to re-introduce myself to many of
Woody Allen’s old movies and one in particular got me thinking about my favorite past time … “getting off” or the more lady like version “having an orgasm”.

How much fun would it be to have your own personal orgasmatron. It’s not your 2014 everyday vibrator by no means but a more futuristic all body erotic experience with orgasms that would be sure to make things very wet and wild.

Most of my personal friends are very straight but introducing this funny movie to conversation with them made some fun erotic conversation about other such movies. One friend brought up “Flesh Gordon” from the 70’s where the villains sent a “sex ray” to make everyone on earth uncontrollably sexually aroused. Are you familiar with the old saying “make love not war” ? Now there’s a novel way to control peace on earth. Every body would be way to busy having sex and I would be happy to join in. What about you ?

Another friend mentioned “Coneheads” with their sexual stimulator “Sensor Rings”. Then another mentioned “Barbarella” and something called the “Excessive Machine”.

Am I the only one with sex on the brain?

This one I thought could be a good business for me but would leave you pleasured and me totally frustrated. The only fun I would get was pulling the trigger while the man I shoot would have multiple orgasms. It came from the movie “Orgasmo” and this trusted sex toy was call the Orgazmorator”.

What if you could cum at any given moment by yourself and no one would know.

If your erotic pleasures were hot wired to a remote control that would give you an instant orgasm how many times would you push the button in a 24 hour period.

I’d go for at least 20 myself and Baby would want 20 more !

Kisses Haley

Another sensual post will be coming soon from you mature Friendly sensual Orlando Escort. Hope your enjoying my website and blog

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