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Much to my dismay masterbation is an equal opportunity partner these days. Most will admit to some masterbation but few may admit as loudly as me how obsessive I have become.I carry a pocket rocket with me at all times and you never know when I may be using it. In the car, in the ladies room or at a restaurant. I love sex but this pre occupation with fingers and vibrators has got me wondering why.It doesn’t take much for juices to flow when i’m lying around naked sunning myself or hanging around the house. I need not have porn or anything real erotic to get me off and it can be achieved in less than a minute or as long as an hour. How wonderful to be able to control orgasm. Could that be why I love to masturbate so much?

Who else will stand up and say I love to masturbate or do it just because.
Kisses Haley

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