Just as long as you kiss

Our lips will touch and our kiss could last forever. I am an old fashioned lady who just loves the heat of passion. The only way for me to get there is by kissing.

From start to finish is a never ending kiss

I state on my website if your a gentleman who isn’t affectionate and kissable yourself we may not be suited to one another. I do mean that!

It is true that some ladies feel that kissing is to personal but in my eyes the act of making love is just about as personal as it gets.

Nothing like a good hot makeout session like in our younger days when sex was a real tabu. My panties would get soaked and i’d be squirming all over the place. Kissing touching licking in erogenous areas can be so enticing and not just on our sex organs.

Are you being selfish??? Heck no, I am going to be getting hot wet and juicy right along with you. It’s your time and your fantasy and I know you will do your best to make me  happy too.
Seems to me that GFE doesn’t stand for sex it means you enjoy some pleasurable time with a lady who makes you feel like you belong together, like time stands still or just flys by effortlessly.

Kisses Haley

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