Looking for a wet and wild weekend ?

Why not join many people who want to break a national record and help their cause. What cause you say ? Have you ever wanted to walk naked down the street and not get arrested ? How about stripping your clothes off and running naked in the wild. Perhaps jumping in a pool with everyone else in the buff.

This weekend and in specific July 14th is National Nude Day and while Saturday July 13th is the world record skinny dip event This is the perfect time for you to experience the sheer freedom of not being cloaked in your everyday attire.

Are you afraid your little head won’t behave and keep poking fun while looking at all the other people partaking in this important holiday event. Yes, it is very much a special holiday for a nudist who loves their lifestyle and looks forward to each and every celebration.

PS : Bring a towel and your poking head will be fine till you can get a handle on him. No, I didn’t say put a hand on him. Erections are not allowed in public.

Although this holiday and celebration of the nudist lifestyle has been going on all week this special day has a national record at stake and every hot and sweaty body will be ready to jump in the pool, smile cheese and get their head counted at 1PM eastern standard time. “settle down now, keep that little head in control or you’ll be tickling some unsuspecting person standing very close to you.” Yup, most nudist resorts will be counting heads to break last years record.

So are you ready to join in the revelry and toss caution to the wind along with your clothes.

Google nudist resort in your area for an adventure in fun, relaxation and naked abandonment.

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