Please, no more chocolates

I just can’t control myself from devouring every last one.

I’m lying on my bed with opened boxes of chocolates scattered on my bed  with all those little crinkled cups all over the place. 

It’s Saturday night and I just wanted to thank all my wonderful friends for their Valentines gift and so does Baby. I am deliriously high from the caffeine in all the chocolates I have eaten for the past few days.  I have one delicious caramel filled chocolate in one hand and a vibrator in the other and a pad of paper jotting notes for this post. I’m sure all these sweet treats will keep my playtime going long into the night and carry over to Valentines day.

next year i’m going to offer a discount starting two weeks before Valentines

Bring no chocolates for Haley and she will dip your cock in lightly melted Hershey kisses dark rich chocolate. I’ll lick it clean and swallow all the sweet cream filling. I’m sure i’ll consume a lot less calories.

Happy Valentines to the sweetest of my sweets…My friends

Kisses Haley

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