Shaggy Dog Grooming Service

Do you find your balls a little sweaty these days ? Are your underwear feeling a little bit damper as the summer days get longer and hotter ? Perhaps your noticing a rash that normally isn’t there or a burning sensation when you shower.

My free “Shaggy dog grooming Service” available each time we meet might interest you. If you think you might be missing some slippery, wet and wild sensations, you just might be right.

Have you ever had an escort offer you a trim while enjoying their company ? Would you take them up on the offer ? If no is your answer, what’s holding you back ?

I understand most men are married and any change in their normal grooming will be noticed by their partner.

Hairless is great so my tongue doesn’t get caught up in knots or at least trimmed. Shaggy dogs are a thing of the past since grooming has become common for both men and women. Older men may have a problem since their partner has not used these methods on themselves.

I can deal with hair ! Don’t take offense if I need to do the nasty. That’s right, pull your hair out of my teeth or throat. Ever had a tickle that a cough drop won’t touch well that’s what a hair feels like caught in the back of your throat. Excuse me while I try to dislodge it now. Are you ready for a nice wet french kiss.

Only joking but it is nice to have well groomed balls in my mouth. I can fit a whole lot more in if there’s nothing in the way. Just a good trim will work with no need to shave it all off.

For the man who has someone at home there is an answer. Start trimming slow and keep doing it on a regular basis. It’s summer so just the mention of sweat and irritation should get you out of the doghouse. Don’t go overboard or this could be thought of as a red flag to your partner.

My Quality Service Will give you

1. Stay fresh for the whole day soft and clean

2. For especially hairy dogs, no more shedding or smelling

3. You will not only see some amazing results but feel them after your first visit

Premiere Mobile Dog Grooming also available with every outcall : Service must be mentioned when setting up the appointment

There’s no such thing as too much tongue and I promise the sensations will be much more enticing.

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