should I or shouldn’t I

For those who have met baby already you have had the chance of touching her baby soft skin but things have changed over the holidays. Baby is still a beauty but with a little addition of some soft blonde hair.

I still love to stroke her although the family holidays and close quarters made that almost impossible to enjoy yet I did improvise a few times. I’ll post that a little later since this subject is very important and so dear to my heart.

It has been almost three months since my pussy has been groomed. This is a real long time for me and I forgot what baby looked like with soft babyfine hair.

Now comes the problem….should I or shouldn’t I get her waxed again ?

How many men would be turned off with pussy hair and would you be less apt to enjoy some oral delights. We all know how much my favorite saying means to me  “there’s no such thing as to much tongue” and would hate for baby to be ostracized over this addition. She is still picture perfect and you will see real soon just how much.

Check back for babies new picture over the weekend with her new hairstyle and help me make this choice. Tell me if she is just as appetizing to you

Kisses Haley

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