Snowbird Rendezvous

All over the country temperatures plummeted throughout this long cold winter. Living in Florida has many advantages to say the least but finding my favorite watering hole full of strangers is definitely a treat for me.

This year snowbirds from all over the country flew into Orlando to merge on my favorite watering hole. They cackled and frolicked as they dove in the heated pool showing shinny white mounds of skin kissed by the Florida sun. Their naked bodies sometimes intertwined in loving pairs while others clinging to their rafts with legs spread and boobies bouncing. Certainly a feast for my eyes and if Baby could wink in admiration she would do so.

Perhaps a feast full of eye candy for those who hunger for a little people watching is in order. It’s not your norm for sure, not at all like sitting in the mall watching all the pretty girls going by. Here the best seat is discreetly sitting on the steps of the pool so you can see pussy coming and going close up and personal with a little cock dangling here and there. Sometimes it’s so close you can see the goose bumps on their pretty pink lips as they quickly run up the stairs to grab a towel and warm up.

Do hard erect nipples excite you ? Well, snowbirds were naked on more than a few of my visits to my favorite nudist resort here in Orlando while temps were mighty chilly. On those days I set up shop on one of the closest lounge chairs near the pool, stripped down and wrapped myself in a blanket. On go my reading glasses to enjoy a steamy romance novel and let the temperatures rise. Soon I’d be dangling my feet at the edge of the pool, naked from the waist down with a sweatshirt on and Baby catching the cool breeze. Talk about a photo ready to be taken, she’s none to shy and her beautiful lips spread open just a sliver. I’m always surprised how friendly and casual people are as they float up and chat with me. Yep, their eyes could easily be centered right on Baby. Wouldn’t you come take a closer look ?

Well my Sunday fun days at my favorite nudist resort are seeing an exodus of snowbirds as spring has sprung. Soon as one group leaves new friendly faces arrive to take their place. I love the visual variety of such a big popular resort with it’s constant influx of tourists from all over the country and the world. As the summer heats up so will my visits. My most erotic times have been on sizzling evening swims or hidden in the shadows under an outdoor shower. Care to join me ?

Get ready for some very exciting adventures to come as pussy tales continue under the hot Florida sun with your favorite mature Orlando escort and her very beautiful pussy ; Baby.

Kisses Haley

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