the beauty of female genitalia

Is it possible that women could be insecure with their vaginas. Is there really such a thing as an ugly pussy or are they just a little different. I find most kittys to be very pretty to my eyes but each has just a little something special. Look close at each and every vajajay to see what makes it stand apart from others.

Well as you noticed I have used many different words to describe what most of you gentlemen cum here for…Pussy !

I call my pretty little kitty “Baby” and my mother gave her that name when I was just a child. She taught me how to keep her clean and used her name many times during my education process.

I would describe “Baby” as very friendly and outgoing with very warm pink kissable lips. There not big full lips but more compact and open wide as soon as my legs are spread.My clit is very tiny and  covered like some shy little wall flower would be just waiting for her blouse to be unbuttoned. Her skin is soft as a babys bottom with no sign of any hair

Gentlemen..What do you call a pussy and what do you find visually most attractive.

Kisses Haley

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