The job interview

I arrived at his office dressed in a nice dress and blazer. we made out  in every part of his office and slipped on the desk for him to take  my panties off. He’s very hungry at this point

When duty calls and the phone rings I went to my hands and knees and slowly unzipped his pants under the desk. As his conversation gets deeper into business his cock goes deeper in my mouth. I’m sure he is getting a lot accomplished because his cock is getting so much harder and pulsating in my mouth.

As the phone conversation ended I put a condom on and sat on his cock backwards and moved up and down while his hands are all over my breasts.

With his cock still in my pussy we changed positions and i’m bent over the desk, his one hand holding my ass and the other pulling my long blonde hair very taut.

Next he moved me around on the desk to kiss and fondle while his cock was moving wild and frisky in my pussy. Just as I  feel he’s ready to explode it’s time for my dictation and I whipped that condom off, got on my knees and let the cum fly in my mouth on my lips.

Some how I forgot to fill out the application… Do you think it matters?

Kisses Haley

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