twist of fate

I arrived early

Dressed in a beautiful dress and heels I walk into the bar…. My long blonde hair and long legs move ever so sensually over to a table on the far side of the room.

I wait patiently just watching to see who comes in or out wanting to get the first glimpse of my date.. hoping it is not LE.

As I sip my spritzer this gentleman sits at the bar and smiles in my direction. Could he be the one? I sit for a while and my phone vibrates.

Off to the ladies room to check my message…It is my date and he has to cancel.

I return to the bar in need of a drink and some time to gather my thoughts. How rude to call and cancel 10 minutes before we are to meet.

As I walk towards the bar a smiling face is looking straight at me. He offers to buy me a drink and …Oooh he smells so good! Our conversation is light and he says to me….”I would love for you to join me in my room”

He is dressed in a beautiful suit, smells so good, he tips the bartender very well and then holds my hand with the most intoxicating smile….How could I resist!

We hold hands on our way to the elavator and as the door closes our lips meet and never part till we reach the 18th floor.

We enter his room and the heat of our passion is making my panties so wet. I need to use the ladies room and tell him i’ll be right back.

On the vanity in the bathroom lay an envelope and written was …ThankYou for a wonderful evening.  Oh my god could this gentlemen have  been stood up too!

I left my clothes behind and entered the room in my sexy black bra and panties. His arm reached out to hold me and our lips met and never left each others bodies for 3 hours.

It was getting late so I returned to freshen up and place the envelope in my purse. I asked if he would like my cell number for the next time he was in town…”oooooh yes” he said.

I was off in the night, thinking about what a wonderful evening I had and how surprised I was to find that envelope just waiting for me. What a twist of fate.

Once home, I undressed and too tired to shower lay in the most sensual erotic smell of our evening together. I drift off to sleep.

Morning is here and i’m ready to leave for work. Reaching for my car keys in my purse, I pull out the envelope and open it. 10 onehundred dollar bills and a note saying,”this was my first” are included.

Kisses Haley

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