What brings you to my front door today : an introduction to Haley before you travel to many of my fantasies

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I’m just wondering what would be the best way to handle that very uncomfortable feeling many gentlemen have right after their first time. I know some men never turn back and have wanted to experience this moment forever while other men get caught up in the sheer fantasy .

I have felt their pain after but not spoken about it because they didn’t bring up the subject. I wonder how men feel after and should you open up that conversation or just keep it light and say good by with another passionate kiss.

Will we become friends and return to our fantasy fling again no one knows…even you as we part.

The first time is a real big deal for both you and I. An exploration of raw feelings and emotions will be explored.

For you first timers and those that are in the heat of their fantasy please take your time and get to know me. My blog is for you the dreamer just like me who desires passion with a little bit of spice. Don’t miss one salacious word on each and every page here that is beckoning you to cum on in.

I always start with passion right away and kissing with wet lips is our introduction.We have talked about kissing and makeout on the phone already so this should be no surprise. Clothes just might come off during this time piece by piece. This will go on for as long as you will be pleasured.

Experienced gentlemen : how did you feel after your first time. Is their anything that would have helped with any of your emotional moments or uncomfortable doubts ?

For the newbie who is getting very excited about meeting me I do hope you have thought things through before we meet. I will embrace you as the confident woman I am with all her sensual being. I’m soft, affectionate and know how to lead. Your shyness will be overtaken very quickly.

I am a very kinky girl but my looks you could take home too mother. I am using this page now as an opening introduction to my blog. Get ready to blush if you must or just avoid any topics your not comfortable with.

I am going to start posting much kinkier pleasures.  If your not a man ready to cross that line this may not be something for you but for those who find great pleasure please read on and enjoy my red posts.

Do remember these are fantasies and out of the norm. My donation page does not reflect every time honored travel destination but the brochure is open to your interpretation. Wander freely through my blog posts and find your next vacation destination or put me on your wish list. I’m just a little bit quirky but a whole lot of fun.

Kisses Haley

PS: Look to the right and see a long list of my many posts. I hope you enjoy them as much as my pussy did while I was dreaming

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