would you care to join me ?

Lying on my bed with my sexy shoes on and an erotic movie playing my fingers start to play with my soft pink lips. Once baby started getting juicy I picked up the speed and pressure thinking all the while about a hard cock and another set of wet lips joining in. It’s just another Sunday morning of Haley’s ” cock tease if you please” by herself. 

The girl on the screen is getting licked every which way while I reach for my lube and toy.Oh yes, my rabbit works well on my swollen clit just screaming to cum. This will be one of those orgasms that makes your toes curl and the juice flow freely. I just love doing my homework and practicing squirting.

While I watch her luscious mouth move up and down on his cock my pussy started to tremble. Should I cum now or please and tease myself a little longer. The nice part about Sunday is I can do this all day if I wish.

Couldn’t be better timing as the head of his cock exploded in her mouth.  My pussy quivered in such excitement that I just couldn’t hold back any longer and my sheets where just saturated. I put my rabbit to the side and firmly yet gently stroked my pussy with her soft blonde hair a little while longer to savour every second of my orgasm.

I don’t know why but Sunday mornings are always a great time for me to take it slow and really enjoy self pleasuring myself. Is there a special day or time that you like to just let yourself go as well. Masturbation can be a whole lot of fun and the only person your trying to please is yourself.

Hope you didn’t mind cumming along for the ride !

Kisses Haley

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